Breakingviews - Foxconn is manufacturing a higher value in China

Foxconn is aiming to manufacture something different in a new location. The Taiwanese assembler of Apple's iPhones plans to spin off a subsidiary in Shanghai. Fresh funds will help it push into new technologies. Given the nature of stock trading in China, it also could be retooling its valuation.

Breakingviews - How Corbyn could grab British water at little cost

Should Jeremy Corbyn win Britain’s next election, his Labour Party has said it will end private sector ownership of natural monopolies like water companies. The received wisdom is that returning utilities to the public sector will be exorbitantly expensive. But that depends how it’s done. 

Breakingviews - Wall Street turns CEO pay into snowboard cross

Wall Street is turning the task of paying chief executives into something akin to snowboard cross. The Winter Olympics sport features half-a-dozen contestants hurling themselves down a narrow, twisting course with massive jumps, each trying to grab a few inches of advantage over the other while avoiding collisions. The pay race for six of America’s top bank bosses is becoming similarly bunched up.

Breakingviews - Bank of Japan’s Kuroda bags a tricky second term

It can be difficult to stay on when all your peers are retiring. That’s the case for Haruhiko Kuroda who will be reappointed Bank of Japan governor. The continuity at the helm of the Japanese central bank contrasts with a changing of the guard in the United States and Europe and reduces the chances of major monetary policy shifts in Tokyo. But Kuroda faces some tricky challenges.

Breakingviews - Cox: Wall Street's antisocial role in selling guns

When does taking a stand against social harm outweigh a financial objective? It’s a reasonable question for the likes of Lazard and BlackRock. The Wall Street investment bank advised AR-15 maker Remington on its restructuring days before Wednesday’s school shooting in Florida, perpetrated with a similar rifle – yet its asset managers talk about responsibility. So does Larry Fink, who runs BlackRock, the $6 trillion fund-management giant and top owner of firearm

Breakingviews - Viewsroom: Volatility puts investors to the test

Higher wages, inflation fears and the prospect of faster than expected rate hikes are posing challenges market players haven’t seen for years. Comcast may spike Walt Disney’s potion to acquire Rupert Murdoch’s entertainment assets. Plus, Singapore’s airshow has everyone buzzing.

Breakingviews - German politics has become Europe's weak link

German politics has become Europe’s weak link. Though the country’s left-leaning Social Democrats (SPD) last week clinched a coalition deal with Chancellor Angela Merkel, the party is now putting the agreement to grassroot members. Infighting means this is no longer a rubber stamp. A rejection would make it harder to push through reforms to the euro zone.

Breakingviews - Asia spotlight gives Credit Suisse gleam, not glow

Credit Suisse’s openness about Asia is yet to pay off. Since taking over in 2015, Chief Executive Tidjane Thiam has been keen to ensure the $47 billion group is seen as the “entrepreneurs’ bank” in a region where managing private fortunes goes hand in hand with cutting corporate deals. 

Breakingviews - Hadas: Renewed growth tests old economic theories

The recent correction in global equity markets may turn out to be merely temporary indigestion involving algorithms. Nonetheless, it was the increase in the annual rate of U.S. wage growth to 2.9 percent in January that set the trading programmes in motion. The unexpected 0.5 percent monthly jump in American consumer prices adds to the excitement. This might be significant, if it indicates the arrival of an era when the economy once again follows some long-suspen

Breakingviews - Sky and BT impose unusual austerity on UK soccer

Sky and BT are imposing unfamiliar austerity on British soccer. Three years after they agreed to pay 5.1 billion pounds for broadcast rights, the two companies bought the rights to air a similar number of games for 4.5 billion pounds. That suggests a self-destructive bidding war has ended, and will force the Premier League to look to new bidders and international rights to make up the difference. 

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