Breakingviews - Viewsroom: Will millennials kill Silicon Valley?

Young, tech-savvy adults say everything from high prices to climate change may prompt them to leave the San Francisco area. Other U.S. cities can benefit. Also: Why CEO Jack Dorsey should favor Square over Twitter. And what to expect from Indonesian President Widodo’s second term.

Breakingviews - Belt and Road repairs fix only some potholes

China’s Belt and Road Initiative can pave over only some of its potholes. A gathering in Beijing this week to promote the $1 trillion-plus foreign policy push comes after a bumpy year for the flagship scheme, from Pakistan to Malaysia. Under pressure, China has shown some welcome flexibility. But U.S. hostility is ramping up too, and that will be far harder to repair.

Breakingviews - Instagram is becoming Facebook’s sugar daddy

Instagram is becoming Facebook’s sugar daddy. The $521 billion social network’s image-sharing unit is a big reason for the company’s strong first-quarter top-line growth. There’s room to wedge more revenue-earning ads into users’ feeds. The risk, though, is the distractions and dodgy content that hamper the “old” Facebook spread to Instagram.

Breakingviews - How to pick the next Bank of England chief

Britain is on the hunt for a top-notch economist, with the skills of a diplomat and the hide of a rhino. The successor to Mark Carney, who steps down as Bank of England governor next year, will have to navigate the economic and political minefields of Brexit. Breakingviews’ interactive yardstick helps sift through the potential runners and riders.

Breakingviews - China’s game makers face a shapeshifting boss

China’s video-game industry needs a predictable boss. After a freeze on approvals for most of last year, officials last week issued new guidelines for applications that point to a future of fewer titles and blander content. That should prove a manageable outcome for the $475 billion Tencent, backer of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, as well as the $35 billion NetEase. Yet the whims of a revamped regulator finding its feet mean the industry still deserves a disc

Breakingviews - Holding: Comic sues, but joke’s on copyright law

Did you hear the one about the comedy writer who’s suing U.S. talk-show host Conan O’Brien for allegedly stealing his jokes? It’s the latest case of creative types – from UK band Radiohead to software giant Oracle – using copyright protections to block others from building on their clever but often derivative ideas. Overly strict laws that stifle innovation are no laughing matter.

Breakingviews - The Exchange: Marco Polo 2.0

Italy irked the United States by backing Beijing’s grand infrastructure plan. The country needs to improve ties with the People’s Republic to sell more wine and other exports, says Rome’s top China expert. Overcoming trade barriers will, however, require an EU team effort.

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